Part 4

You gesture to the radish fern, inviting them to speak first. The potato-shaped boulder folds his twiggy arms and pouts. "You'll never know what you're missing. My research rocks!" he mutters under his breath as he stomps off, dragging a heavy-looking case behind him.

"Thank you, esteemed travelers." The well-mannered alien looks just like an adorable turnip with fern-like fronds for hair. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Murfle J. Dunmeep, PhD, a Plumplim."

Reecho scrunches his whiskers. "The 'plunkin' aren't exactly known for their technological expertise," he grumbles, flexing his claws involuntarily. "Shouldn't you be off gardening or sleeping in the ground or something?"

Murfle ignores Reecho and bows to you slightly, shaking the leaves growing out of the top of their head. "May I tell you a fun fact about us, the PLUM-PLIM? -" they over-enunciate, "Being plant creatures, we photosynthesize. In addition to burrowing into the soil at night and consuming food which we make ourselves, we take in energy from the sun using our fronds. So, matters of space energy are, of course, very relevant to my people." You have to admit, Murfle is the most well-spoken radish you have ever heard.

"As such, we have conducted thorough tests of the energy emitted by the Portal. We would be honored to share our findings with you in the spirit of intergalactic friendship." They smile up at you, the apples of their cheeks round and pink. You could just pinch them. "The Dunmeep Institute for Research and Technology is the premier research facility on Brumigum, my homeworld, and we would gladly make you and your crew comfortable while we collaborate on Portal Research."

Reecho beckons to you far above the Plumplim's head. "Really, the Felisi scientific community on Araveen is far more academically rigorous than any other in the Federation. You would be in very good paws at our Planetary Outreach University and National College Extension. POUNCE is a state of the art facility, not like the facilities on Brumigum. And worst of all, DIRT is," Reecho shivers, "wet. Ugh."

UPDATE: Before a decision can be made, Amele pulls you aside. "It seems like half of you want to go to POUNCE and the other half want to go to DIRT. I understand completely, they're both great, but I have to go with you and I can only be in one place at a time. You can have more time to decide while I go pack. Maybe you can ask some more crew members?" She hops on her floating surf board and glides away, leaving you to reconsider.

Looks like you decided to pounce on the first option for ADVENTURE! Don't worry, the Plumplim don't mind. Right now, they're rolling around having more fun than you are, anyways! As always, click the above option to continue to Part 5.

(41%) Go to Brumigum with Murfle's help to study at DIRT