In 1001 Odysseys, you take on the role of the bridge crew of the starship Odyssey, leading humanity's journey into the exciting unknown. Your choices drive the story, deciding how the great adventure unfolds.

In the game, your table will be transformed into the bridge of the Odyssey, with fantastic maps, discoveries, and most importantly: a book. It's full of stories to read out loud, split into thousands of numbered paragraphs that represent all the choices you might make. There are no complicated rules to sort through, the focus is on the story and your adventure!

On this website, you can take part in the story's prologue. Each section will end with a potential choice, and you'll vote on that choice alongside the rest of humanity (or at least everyone that's heard about the game!) The choices that you all make here will become part of the backstory.

The prologue adventure begins now, and will advance as we lead up to the campaign. 1001 Odysseys launches on Kickstarter on January 24, and this story will continue running during the campaign.

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