Mission Control:

Current Mission Summary:

It's only a short time into your mission to prepare an overview of the different biomes on Terragast. By talking to a pair of Zibzab hikers and the caretaker, you have learned that the mountains are well worth a visit and that the caverns below them are full of hungry munchers. To climb the mountain, you will need a permit, which can be supplied by the Doctor or the camp caretaker, if you help him gather ingredients. You're also free to wander Terrafern Valley, a place where herbs grow.

Resuming Mission...

Part 4

The hike down into the valley is easy enough, although you don't see any of the herbs Argochus recommended for the stew. The plants here are hardly edible. Eventually, the trail levels out, and you continue hiking up the far side of the valley, looking closely for herbs matching the ones in your hastily scribbled notes. The uphill hike is steeper, and you're soon scrambling over boulders and poking through encroaching brush until the trail disappears completely behind a fallen tree. Close by, a rocky cliff face pokes up through the forest canopy, supporting leafy vines and sheltering puffy undergrowth, but you can't find any trail markers or other clues about which way the trail was meant to go.

(43%) Climb up the cliff face to look for herbs.

(49%) Study the plants nearby to look for hidden herbs.

(8%) Return to camp now to give Argochus the dried herbs from your pack.

Part 5

You crouch down and study the leaf patterns on a patch of nearby grasses, then some small ferns, and finally some blooming mosses. While these plants make great finds for your survey, not one of them matches the herbs described in Argochus's notes. You wander down into the valley, looking at every shrub you come across. Finally, you spot a promising silhouette of what could be frangee plants in the sunlight at the pinnacle of a steep boulder. You set down your pack and start gearing up for a climb, but, before you can can even chalk your hands, you see the same golden herb piled in hand-tied bundles in a shady divot at the rock's base. How did you miss it before? It matches the description of the frangee herbs perfectly, so you pick up several tufts.

You secure the herbs safely inside your pack and then zip the whole thing closed. That's when you notice it. Somehow, your pack is now bedazzled with a mosaic pattern of twigs, leafs, and small bits of shimmering rock. And, though you frantically search the immediate area, you find no clues to explain what happened to your pack.

You have gained a biology momentum! Different types of momentum will affect the outcome of your missions in 1001 Odysseys.

Mission Control:

(9%) Return to the caretaker's cabin the way you came.

(67%)Look around the valley for signs of the bedazzler.

(25%)Shout at the forest.

Part 6

You hike further down into the valley. The undergrowth thickens, making it harder to move around, and you catch your clothing on a bush. Looking further at the bush to untangle yourself, you see that its leaves match the ones making up the fashionable design on your pack. Oval-shaped, with small hooks at the edges. But surely the leaves didn't attach themselves, right? Even spiky burrs couldn't pin pebbles and twigs to your pack, and Amele's Almanac didn’t say anything about sneaky plants playing tricks on unwary travelers. Maybe if you hide near the bush and wait, something will turn up. Or maybe someone who spends more time in the area can give you clues about the macramé marauders.

(46%)Build a hiding place out of nearby materials.

(42%)Talk to the caretaker about random acts of crafting.

(12%)Ask around base camp about the crafty situation.

Part 7

You step back from the oval-leaf bush and look around for some place to hide. A row of moss-covered brush and boulders looks like a good place to crouch and look over the top of the bush unseen. You can also scavenge some fallen fronds and branches to cover your back. You get to work, carrying a frond over to your hiding spot. You put a hand out to sweep through the brush, but it lets out a startled yelp. "Aaaark!" you hear it shout. A tiny face pops out. "Awaaaaaaay!" It drops down to the ground and runs off, its moss-covered spines bouncing around it like a hedgehog. The other bushes also start running down the valley, shouting words you can't make out, disappearing just as quickly.

(13%)Return the herbs to the caretaker's cabin.

(40%)Ask the caretaker to explain these creatures.

(47%)Scramble down the valley to try and catch up.

Part 8

Running downhill through a thickly planted forest is not as easy as you thought. The hedgehog-creatures duck under a fallen log with ease, while you trip over it and nick your ankle. You keep running. Branch after branch snags at your sleeves while the mossy-folk move swiftly across the terrain, shrinking further into the mist. The last one you see disappears behind a low rise in the ground. You rush forward to catch up, but a steep-sided chasm rises up from the forest floor to meet you. You stop just in time, rocks slipping underneath your shoes, tumbling into the river far below.

While you pause to catch your breath, you hear a bird calling overhead. You look up and see that the sky has begun to turn golden around the edges. You're far from the camp trail, and it will turn dark soon.

(23%)Return to your tent at base camp to rest.

(77%)Bring herbs to the caretaker and ask about the weird hedgehog-creatures.

Part 9

A bell chimes as you enter the cabin. "Oh, what a lovely pack you have," says Argochus, sitting by the fireplace. "Was it that festive when you left?" You briefly your experience down in the valley and ask if anyone else has had similar experiences. Argochus gives a deep laugh. "Camp legend would say it's the Eglabites and leave it at that. Anything odd that happens 'round here gets pinned on those critters. I've seen 'em a couple times, knee high and mossy-lookin'. Thought one was a small rock 'till I sat on it. But they’re not all tricksome. I left some camp food out for them one storm and came back to find a neat bundle of fresh veg. By the way, did you get those herbs?"

You pull out the frangee for Argochus. "Nicely done!" he says, smiling. He takes the bundle from you and hangs it on a hook to dry. "These puffy plants only grow up on boulders," he continues. "You're at least as fit as the average Lackerdood if you can climb up and pick ‘em." He pulls out a small clip and attaches it to your uniform. "Here's a climbing permit. Keep it on you when you go up the mountains. Pace yourself, and you'll be fine, but don't go up past the low atmo line. That’s where the air is too thin for you to breathe!" He disappears into the kitchen for a moment and returns holding two steaming bowls of stew. "Stewed all day, mellow and delightful! Warm way to fill up just before turning in for the night." He offers you one, and you sit down for stew and a chat before going to bed. "So, what're your plans for tomorrow?" He asks.

Progress: Permit Acquired

In the game, you would've recorded this item in your passport, where it would have effects on later bits of the story. A climbing permit will surely come in useful!

(41%) You'll search Terrafern Valley until you find Eglabites.

(59%) You'll continue your survey mission up the mountain.


A smoky world and the home planet of the Zibzab. It is difficult to get to since the Zibzab have converted it into a giant spaceship, complete with atmospheric shielding. Its main exports are Zibzabian jewelry, scrapyard junk, and secret knowledge.


A tropical mountainous world and the home planet of the Eglabites. It contains the tallest peaks known to the Federation, including Mount Goliath and Mount Tyrant, both part of the Wendon Mountain Range. Scientists often visit it to study its unique biomes, with lush rainforest in the valleys and dry alpine habitats in the mountains.


Small hedgehog-like sentients that live on Terragast. They keep to themselves, hiding in hard-to-reach places, and refuse to apply for Federation recognition. They often play tricks on unwary travelers. Their spiky fur allows them to blend in with their surroundings along with the lichen and moss that grow on their backs.


Small potato-shaped aliens with stick-thin limbs. They think they are the most superior sentients in the Federation. They excel at research and development. Zibzab children learn advanced mathematics and engineering techniques quite early. They can also see colors outside the normal range of other sentients. Like the color floob.


Catlike humanoids from the desert planet Araveen. They are proud, strong, and quick to judge, but, once a friend, they will always stay loyal. They revere the arts of music, epic poetry, and martial arts. An average Felisi is able to keep several, if not dozens, of books memorized in her head for easy recall.


Swashbuckling humanoids from the planet Cullicut. Their fearsome appearance, with facial horns and sharp teeth, belies their playful nature. They make great mercenaries. If not for their love of games and parties, they would probably rule the sector with their superior firepower and technology.


Medium-sized aliens with large feet and a passion for surfing. Most Lackerdoods just like to relax and take life easy, especially since their original homeworld was destroyed long ago. They now call the desert planet Urvellion their home. They excel at languages and invented the first version of Federation Standard.