We've been working on 1001 Odysseys for over four years. We're super excited to be on the cusp of launching our Kickstarter campaign for it, the next step toward bringing it to you all! Our hope was to launch our campaign at the start of the year, but we want to get everything properly in place before we do.

December started with our fantastic experiences at PAX Unplugged, giving us a ton of energy to work on this project that we found out everyone loves a lot, but it also gave us a second unique gift: the dreaded con plague. This set us back a little, but we're hard at work now polishing things and it'll be worth the wait! Thousands of Plumplim are working behind the scenes as we speak, rolling around on keyboards.

We know folks are eager to see this thing finally go live, and believe me, we're right there with you. Apologies for the delay, but we think you'll agree that it'll be worth the wait once you see what we have in store :)

The Prologue Adventure will continue through the launch, with a new chapter starting with the KS campaign as many new people come on board.

Launching January 24, 2019